Who needs a whiteboard – use your own skin! Check out this body sketching video titled How We Met

Talk about using what you have on hand… uhh – even using your own hand for a canvas. Really clever; just wish the quality of the upload was better. Still, should generate some ideas for you to use in one of your own stop motion animations. Hasn’t been hugely popular in terms of views; almost 10,000 in the past three years. But that’s still pretty good compared to the majority of videos that go nowhere. If you know of any other “skin-art” animations let me know and I may post them here.

Using a Whiteboard for Stop Motion Animation

Some nice aspects to this stop motion video: simple props and good rhythmic music choice keep this animation moving along at a good clip. Almost 300,000 views since July 29, 2007.

How PEN Giant was made

Shot in Budapest, 355 billboards were produced and actually shot with the advertised product itself — the Olympus PEN camera. This behind-the-scenes shows how the project developed and documents the stop motion technique.

Second Olympus PEN Stop Motion Video – the PEN GIANT

According to Olympus, 355 pictures were taken, printed in billboard size and shot again.
The video was produced entirely the Olympus PEN camera. “No tricks or computer animation at all.”
Gives a budding SMV creator hope, huh? I mean, with a simple camera and unlimited budget you too can create a stunning SM video. 737,000 views since May 16, 2010.

Incredible! 60,000 pictures; 9,600 Prints to create the PEN story (Olympus PEN camera)

Great concept – you can learn a lot from viewing the techniques used in this video. I didn’t even realize it was an ad until the end – great example of subtle viral marketing. More than 3,000,000 views since July 2009.

I’ve posted a couple of related videos as well – one is PEN Giant, a second stop motion video created using the Olympus PEN camera, released May 16, 2010; and then the Making of PEN Giant – giving you a behind the scenes look at how the project came together.

But first, enjoy the PEN story!

PES Ad for Coinstar

One more by PES. One of my favorites. PES is fantastic at what he does!

PES Commercial for Bacardi Rum – Clever!

Posted on YouTube August 17, 2009; 164,000 views so far.

Sock It To Me! (An Ad for Orange Telecom, by PES)

Directed by PES. Commercial for Orange Telecom, Europe. Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London. released on YouTube June ’09; has 386,00 views so far. It’s a rather nonsequitor od a commercial; don’t know what it has to do with telecommunications but it’s fun to watch.

Amazon Kindle Commericial – 3rd in Series

Ok, this is the last one I’ll post from Amazon. I’m not an Amazon shill, really. Just like watching them; nothing too complicated for the most part, so you can get some good ideas that don’t go beyond the realm of possibility for most people. If you have a wetsuit and SCUBA gear :) This, too, was created by photographers Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths, starring actress Paula Miranda and child model Melissa. Original song “Come On Let’s Go” written and performed by Little and Ashley.

Amazon Kindle Commercial – 2nd in Series

Annie Little and model Ryan Curry perform in this one.  Original song “Stole Your Heart” written and performed by Marcus Ashley and Annie Little. (see their myspace page)

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