Easy Stop Motion Flying Technique

What follows is a very basic example of how to create a person seeming to fly through the air in a stop motion video. It’s provided by run2home93, posted on YouTube. First the directions, then the resulting video:

In run2home93′s words:
1) Record yourself with a video camera. Keep the camcorder still, on a tri-pod or a table.

2) Jump up and tuck your legs into your stomach. However you want yourself to look during the “flying” you should look that way at the peak of your jump.

3) Take a step forward and repeat step 2 until you are finished with the length of your “flying”.

4) Upload the footage to any editing software and select the FRAMES when you were at the peak of your jump. Each frame should look almost the same, but in a difference place.

5) Once you have sorted those out and deleted the rest of the footage, put them together. The more frames you have the smoother your footage will look. You can also add sounds like I did here.

Simple Stop Motion Tutorial

This simple tutorial shows how to create stop motion animation using pipecleaners.

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