Amazon Kindle Commercial – First in a Series

Released March 10, 2010, this was Amazon’s first in a series of stop motion video ads for the Kindle. Created by photographers Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths, it stars actress Annie Little (nice website!) who performs a song she wrote, “Fly Me Away” . 186,000 YouTube views so far.

Sony PSP Commercial

Sony did a whole series of commercials for their PSP – here’s a simple one:

Google Japan Cutely Demos Their Street View Process

Have any kids building blocks laying around? See how Google Japan cleverly used common toys to demonstrate their Google Street View process in a cuddly-cute way. All professionally lit and edited of course. But it should give you a few ideas on wht you could use from your kid’s toybox for your own stop motion animation.

“Dot” – World’s Smallest Stop Motion Video Animation – Filmed using a Nokia N8 Cell Phone with a Cellscope Attached! !

Cellscope incented by Professor Daniel Fletcher


The Cellscope is portable microscope that can be attached to a cell phone. Invented by U.C. Berkeley Professor of Bioengineering, Daniel Fletcher, the Cellscope turns camera-enabled cell phones and netbooks into handheld 5-50X microscopes capable of diagnosing and monitoring myriad diseases, including malaria and tuberculosis. The images can be transmitted from the field to a clinic for expert diagnosis at a distance. Fletcher recently won a $100,000 prize in Intel’s INSPIRE EMPOWER Challenge.

Nokia made a brilliant marketing move by hiring Aardman (creators of the animated film hits Wallace and Grommit, and Chicken Run) to make Dot using Nokia’s N8 mobile phone with the Cellscope attached. The N8 includes a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Optics. The film has gone viralwith more than 1,300,000 YouTube views since it was released on August 31, 2010.

Take a look at the film Dot, below, and then check out the one following – a “behind the scenes” look showing details of how Dot was made.

A behind the scenes look at how Dot was made:

Lego Stop Motion Animation – Scene from Grease

Lego’s are an old favorite for stop motion animation – everyone’s familiar with them and they always seem to have a built-in “cute” factor that appeals to a wide audience. Demondoggz created his Lego take on a scene from Grease for his student thesis:

Easy Stop Motion Flying Technique

What follows is a very basic example of how to create a person seeming to fly through the air in a stop motion video. It’s provided by run2home93, posted on YouTube. First the directions, then the resulting video:

In run2home93′s words:
1) Record yourself with a video camera. Keep the camcorder still, on a tri-pod or a table.

2) Jump up and tuck your legs into your stomach. However you want yourself to look during the “flying” you should look that way at the peak of your jump.

3) Take a step forward and repeat step 2 until you are finished with the length of your “flying”.

4) Upload the footage to any editing software and select the FRAMES when you were at the peak of your jump. Each frame should look almost the same, but in a difference place.

5) Once you have sorted those out and deleted the rest of the footage, put them together. The more frames you have the smoother your footage will look. You can also add sounds like I did here.

T-Shirt Wars

Posted on YouTube only 8 months ago, T-Shirt Wars has almost 5,000,000 views. Very funny and creative! Great example of stop motion Video by Rhett and Link, a comedy team based in North Carolina. According to their bio on their website, they have been featured on CNN, BBC, NPR, TV Guide, E! News, TMZ, The Jay Leno Show, Lopez Tonight, Last Call with Carson Daly, and Ellen. You’ll see why after you watch the video.

Simple Stop Motion Tutorial

This simple tutorial shows how to create stop motion animation using pipecleaners.

Tony vs Paul

Created by Paul Cummings, a filmmaker based in Boston and Los Angeles, Tony vs Paul has been viewed close to 6,000,000 times since it was released on YouTube in November of 2006. The film was nominated for a Webby Award, and won the top prize in iFilm’s “Show Us Your Junk” competition. You can see more of Paul’s work on his website or check out his facebook page.

Her Morning Elegance

I’ve been thinking for more than two years about starting this blog to showcase the best of stop motion videos from around the world. Finally got off my butt and did it! I’ll be adding tips and tricks, reviews of stop motion video software, and hopefully, some guest columns, interviews and more. But I’ll start off simply with one of the more beautifully shot and edited SMVs of recent years: Her Morning Elegance by from the album The Opposite Side of the Sea written and produced by Oren Lavie. It’s been hugely popular on YouTube, garnering more than 14 million views so far. Even if you’ve already seen it, enjoy another view!

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